Cyber Jagrithi Foundation

Our Cyber Jagrithi and Safety Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization registered with Govt. of India.
Gazing at the way technology is taking over the world, we must admit that “Technology and Internet” have made our day-to-day lives simple and effective. No wonder, it has become a part of our lives and we are depending on technology evolutions more than before. Just like any other invention, this too comes with the advantages and disadvantages.


Our purpose is to empower students, families, communities, and society with prevention and intervention skills to reduce cyber-crime.

Our founder Mr. Rupesh Mittal, along with our highly skilled teammates, have designed “Awareness programs and workshops” to enhance cybersecurity.

Cyber Vakeel Campaign

“CYBER VAKEEL”, an online awareness campaign launched by Cyber Jagrithi Foundation covering a multitude of themes on cyber-crimes and aim to create awareness on cyber laws on the terms and conditions as mentioned hereinafter.
The awareness programme aspires to be an interactive and informative platform for a healthy discussion on digital wellness and cyber safety. With the rise of COVID-19, people have started to spend more time on cyberspace. Children and Women are especially exposed to the Internet. Thus, safeguarding oneself as well as spreading awareness about digital safety and literacy is the need of the hour.