1. A Cyber Lawyer, pursued his legal studies from the Government Law College and is based out in Mumbai.
  2. Has been instrumental in training the Law Enforcement Agencies across the country.
  3. A regular speaker and trainer for Bankers and has spoken at various workshops/events/seminars/webinar’s organised by Information & Technology stake holders.
  4. Has conducted sessions at various schools/colleges/corporates.

Mail ids: pjhala.advocate@gmail.com

Current position:

  1. Founder/Partner: ICL Advocates.
  2. Co- Founder: Indian Cyber Institute.
  3. Director: Cognizance Education Pvt Ltd.
    (Institute that specializes in Cyber Education and Training).
  4. Board Member: ‘Global Cyber Security Forum’, gcsforum.org (Hyderabad).

Academic Qualification:

  1. BCom.
  2. LLB
  3. Diploma in Cyber Law
  4. Diploma Digital Evidence Examiner
  5. Certified by Department of Homeland Security, USA on:
    a. Cryptocurrency for Law Enforcement
    b. Reverse Engineering
    c. Cyber Supply Chain Management
    d. Critical Infrastructure Protection
    e. ‘Coding’ Public Version
    f. ICS Cybersecurity Landscape for Managers
    g. Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities
    h. Cybersecurity Risk
    i. Cybersecurity Threats
    j. Attack Methodology in IT & ICS
    k. Cybersecurity Practices for Industrial Control Systems
    l. Cybersecurity Within IT & ICS Domains
    m. Differences in Deployments of Industrial Control Systems’s
    n. ICS Cybersecurity Consequences
    o. Influence of IT Components on Industrial Control Systems’s
    p. Common ICS Components
    q. Mapping IT Defense-in-Depth Security Solutions to ICS- Part 1
    r. Mapping IT Defense-in-Depth Security Solutions to ICS- Part II

Authored Books and Articles:

  1. ‘LAW of CYBER SPACE’ which deals with the Information Technology Act of India (Indian perspective).
  2. Co- authored eBook on ‘Cyber Safe Girl’ (version 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0) www.cybersafegirl.com
  3. Writes articles for a magazine of Bombay Stock Exchange-Forum View.
  4. As a mentor, he has provided guidance to authors while compiling books titled:
    a. Ethical Hacking.
    b. Electronic Crime Scene Management.
    c. Digital Evidence Examiner.